Representation and
the Travel Trade

Establishing a connection with potential clients and allowing us to promote / develop your product / destination. Provide a personalized touch thereby creating confidence. A sense of security and trust will be developed as there will be face to face interaction between the consumers and agents. Being able to act as a ‘private concierge’ for travellers / travel trade, assisting and guiding them at every level. This will result in word of mouth and repeat vacations. Our aim motive is, to act as a catalyst, multiply this chain reaction.

Training, Support and
Trade Development

Tailor made training and support to the travel trade. This helps to educate and showcase offerings. It is a 2 way communication process where it addresses queries and doubts. It also provides great insight to understand mindsets and fine tune activities. Selecting / identifying new trade distribution partners and providing all the necessary support.

Familiarisation trips for
Media and Trade

Conceptualizing, identifying the right media/trade to be in, organizing and executing FAM / Press trips including all travel arrangements. Follow up reports and feedback is provided after the trip.

Concept Planning, Creative
Development and Advertising

India is vast and diverse country in terms of culture and people. By creating an extremely focused strategy with a clear motive and a concept that appeals (likes, dislikes and preferences) is the prime objective. Keeping the concept in mind with the global mindset and giving a twist of the local flavour which will assist to create ‘top of the mind recall’.

Designing, Printing, Execution and Distribution

Developing promotional materials from scratch that supports the brand building process. Promotional materials include: Advertisements, direct mail, catalogues, promotional items – like t shirts, hats, pens, diaries, calendars, travel kits etc. Language translations for smaller markets to improve market penetration. Printing and execution to the highest standards to match the brand image. Distribution through the right channels to the correct people.

Media Buying

Being familiar with the market conditions and efficiently buying media space for the focused target groups. Media includes: Print, Outdoor / Billboards, Malls, Cinema, Radio, Event Activations and Audio Visual.

Brochure / Catalogue

Creating an easy to read and comprehend detailed brochure that act as reference guides. In turn, it showcases the product offerings in an attractive manner. An assistant for the travel trade.

Direct Mail

Often overlooked in the online world, but a focused direct mail exercise can still deliver stellar results. Strategic tie ups and cross promotions can be carried out.

Web Marketing

Using various tactics, creating interactive experience with the target audience. Tactics include: online advertising, E newsletters, Viral Campaigns (social media), SEO (search engine optimisation) and web designing.

Event Management

Managing events successfully right from conceptualization to execution. Events include: Consumer Shows, Trade Shows, Bespoke Events, Partnerships, Strategic tie ups etc.

Public Relations (PR)

Liaison with the travel trade press for additional support.

Research and Analysis

Analysing the market conditions, conducting research and learning from those experiences that will help to fine tune our marketing strategy.